Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Top 5 Comedy Movies

1. The Hangover

This film is absolute genius; all the main characters are as important as each other and bounce off each other so well. The character Alan is played so well and is probably the most hilarious character in the film, when he asks the receptionist if Caesar’s palace is the real Caesar’s palace, its classic. Bradley Cooper’s character is probably the coolest guy ever, this movie is one that you’ll never forget and is hilarious start to finish.
2. Superbad

If any film captures what teenage life is like this is it, this film seen the birth of the character “Mclovin”, the best seen is when one of the main character’s acquires a period stain on his leg after dancing with some girl, amazing. This film is set to be a cult classic with a very 70’s feel to it although very much set in the present.

3. Old School

This film is simply amazing, this great piece of nostalgia boasts the exploits of ‘Frank the Tank’, this film just makes you want to join a fraternity and get wasted. Honestly this is a must see!!

4. Van Wilder Party Liaison

Ryan Reynolds at his best, very similar to the role he played in Two Guys and a Girl, “Berg”. Like Old School this makes me want to go back to university and get wasted and party. This film is bags of fun from start to finish and we can see how Reynolds managed to do so well for himself off the back of this film.

5. Dodge ball

This film took a couple of watches for me to like it, but as silly as it is, it is an absolute riot, Rip Torn’s character Patches O’Hoolihan is the highlight of the movie and pretty much everything he says if funny, this film is like fat food for the brain, it might not be good for you but it is good.

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